About Us

The proximity of the United States and Mexico, the gateway to Latin America, has created a high level of complexity in personal, family, estate and business relationships of all kinds, especially when these relationships involve legal issues that cross international borders.

Having extensive, first-hand knowledge of both legal systems makes us empathic to the unique challenges and opportunities our clients face every day. As a result, we are able to provide personalized, sophisticated solutions for the perpetually changing needs of our clients.

To accommodate the constantly evolving needs, we have formed two independent law firms, Madero Legal Group, P.C., with headquarters in Los Angeles, California, which serves the North American market; and Grupo Legal Madero, S.C. with headquarters in Mexico City, which serves Mexico and all of Central and South America.

Both firms, individually, provide a wide range of national legal services, but when required, work together in perfect harmony to seamlessly manage and resolve matters that have legal implications in more than one country.