Gustavo A. Madero

As a dual-licensed US-Mexico attorney, he has in-depth knowledge and an active practice in both legal systems.

With experience on civil, commercial and corporate law, he advices and represents foreign and domestic clients in a wide range of their personal and business-related matters.

After graduating from law school in Mexico City (Universidad Iberoamericana SC – 2006), he became a master in law (Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law – 2009) and was certified in management studies (Kellogg School of Management – 2009) as well as an executive that understands and applies the principles, approaches and best practices of management (Harvard Business School – 2012).

  • 2016 Supreme Court, U.S.A. SCOTUS Bar number 299692.
  • 2010 California, U.S.A. State Bar number 273390.
  • 2010 New York, U.S.A. Registration number 4825527.
  • 2006 Mexico. Professional license number 5174196.

English and Spanish