Estate & Succession Planning

At Madero Legal Group we assist our clients in making informed decisions, as well as work with their existing team of financial advisors, about the management of their assets during their lifetime and to create sophisticated estate plans to ensure that when the time comes that their assets are distributed in accordance with their wishes, while minimizing the tax implications to their beneficiaries.

Additionally, our extensive business and corporate knowledge makes us the perfect partner for business owners to execute properly written succession plans that provide the remaining members of the business with a procedure to follow should the unexpected occur, allowing them to guide the business through the transition.

Finally, we also represent beneficiaries of an estate in a variety of circumstances, such as when estate planning or probate documents do not clearly reflect the intentions of the testator/settlor. Even if the language of the documents is clear, but the parties have other reasons to contest a will, trust, or estate plan we intervene, when appropriate, to mediate and resolve such disputes to maximize our clients’ interests.