Immigration & Nationality

There are a variety of options for persons wanting to come to the U.S. either temporarily or permanently.

Non-Immigrant Business and Investment Related Visas. Non-immigrant visas allow a person to visit, study, or work in the United States for a specific purpose and period of time. Non-immigrant visas can also be a viable means for a business to expand their operations through the hiring of foreign workers, as well as for entrepreneurs and business owners/companies abroad to open or operate a business in the United States.

In every case, we assess the individual circumstances and guide you through the complex U.S. Immigration system to determine the best strategy for you, your business and your family, handling all stages of the processes. These type of visas, include, but are not limited to: visas for business visitors (B-1), exchange visas for training or internships (J-1), NAFTA professionals (TN), specialty occupation workers (H-1B), temporary or agricultural workers (H-2A/H-2B), extraordinary ability workers (O), outstanding athletes, artists and entertainers (P), and international transferees for multinational companies (L-1). In addition, various treaties with certain countries allow for trade (E-1) and investor visas (E-2) for entrepreneurs that desire to do business in, or with the U.S.

Immigrant Visas and Permanent Residency (Green Card). Immigrant visas allow foreign nationals to enter the United States after being approved for Legal Permanent Residency (LPR) at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate abroad and will then receive their LPR, or green card, after they enter the U.S. There are also many scenarios in which a person may apply for a green card and complete the entire process in the United States. Unlike the non-immigrant visa that limits the length of stay in the U.S., a green card enables individuals to live and work in the U.S. indefinitely, and eventually obtain U.S. Citizenship so desired.

We handle all stages of the immigrant visa or green card process for a person to be granted a green card on the basis of a family sponsored petition, employer sponsored petition, as well as asylees and benefactors of the annual diversity lottery.

Moreover, because of our extensive business and employment knowledge, we are well positioned to help organizations permanently hire foreign workers as priority workers, extraordinary ability workers, and multinational managers or executives (EB-1); professionals with advanced degrees or exceptional ability (EB-2); professionals, skilled workers and nonskilled workers (EB-3); and certain special immigrant categories (EB-4).

U.S. Citizenship and other Matters. In addition of the above, we also handle a variety of other related matters, such as applying for U.S. Citizenship, renewing a green card, filing for a fiancé abroad, and humanitarian-based immigration matters.